Senior Software Engineer - Cloud Infrastructure

Remote, Americas

About the role

Our team covers the disciplines of site reliability engineering and infrastructure engineering, all to ensure Shopify’s infrastructure is able to scale massively while staying resilient.

On our team, you’ll get to work autonomously on engaging projects in an area you’re passionate about. Not sure what interests you most? Here are some of the things you could work on:

  • Build on top of one of the largest Kubernetes deployments in Google Cloud (we are operating a fleet of over 50+ clusters)

  • Collaborate with other Shopify developers to understand their needs and ensure our team works on the right things

  • Maintain Shopify’s Heroku-style self-service PaaS for our developers to consolidate over 400 production services

  • Help build our own Database as a Service layers, which include features such as transparent load balancing proxies and automatic failovers, using the current best-of-breed technologies in the area

  • Help develop our caching infrastructure and advise Shopify developers on effective use of the caching layers

  • Build tooling that delights Shopify developers and allows them to make an impact quickly

  • Work as part of the engineering team to build and scale distributed, multi-region systems

  • Investigate and resolve production issues

  • Build languages, frameworks and libraries to support our systems

  • Build Shopify’s predictable, scalable, and high performing full text search infrastructure

  • Build and support infrastructure and tooling to protect our platform from bots and DDoS attacks

  • Autoscale compute up and down based on the demands of the platform, and further protect the platform by shedding lower priority requests as the load gets high

  • And plenty more!

We also understand the importance of sharing our work back to the developer community: